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More Woodcut Prints  - Hawai'i and Southwest


                     The beauty of the tropics is something one will never forget. The following prints are a continuation of my Hawai'i series, in smaller sizes.       

                      Prints on the top line are 9" x 12 " -  including mat      Titles:  Sea Turtles, Sunday at Hamoa Beach,  Whales Journey Home   Price $155 each  plus shipping.

                      Prints on the second line-  8" x 10 " - including mat      Titles: Dolphins, Ukulele Girl, Turtle Cove, 'Iwa                                      Price $110 each  plus shipping.

             Prints above are  8" x 10 " - including mat    Titles:  Circle of Love,  Kamehameha Butterfly, Sphinx Moth,  Nene                     Price $110 each  plus shipping.




                  Landscapes, animals and birds are often the inspiration for my woodcut prints. Sketching from life whenever possible or from the photos I've taken

                  on my travels, allows my experience to be transferred  into the art.

      Prints shown above  are  8" x 10 " - including mat            Titles: Ravens over Pedernal, Road Runner, Tree of Life, First Arrival                        Price $110 each  plus shipping

Matted dimensions of the 8 prints above are 8" x 10 "    The Gift :  matted dimensions 17" x 15".

Titles from left to right top row : Two Ravens Watching,  Taos Night Out , Burrowing Owl, The Gift          pricing left to right top line :                    $145   $110   $110  $225

                              Titles from left to right bottom row : Dragonfly Small , Fox in the Forest, Kitten, Collared Lizard, Dragonfly      pricing left to right bottom line :    $145   $110    $110   $110

                             All images copyrighted Erica Collins 2016

                             Payments may be made by check or credit  to      Erica Collins   PO Box 433   Valdez,    NM 87580      phone: 575-776-2798      e-mail: